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About Palestine Justice Network

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The Palestine Justice Network is operated from the advocacy unit of the Palestinian Center for the Rapprochement between People in Beit Sahour,

Our Mission is to build a global network of activists and organizations that work together in advocacy in order to support the goals set forth by the Palestinian Civil Society Call to Action 2005.

The Goals are:

1. Promote awareness of the Palestinian cause and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in a truthful and balanced manner, and to expand this awareness and education to any person, authority or government where the opportunity arises;

2. Mobilize Palestinians and Internationals to work together to achieve restoration and respect for Palestinian rights including the right to return and live in a society that promotes democracy and equality.

3. Promote the desire and right of the Palestinian people of self determination per International law;

4. Invite and encourage participation from internationals in the network and carry and promote their input, ideas, aspirations, advice and counsel with respect to the objectives of the Network;

5. Engage with and call upon governments of the world to provide political, financial, environmental and humanitarian support for the Palestinian people,

6. Providing a forum whereby Internationals and Palestinians cooperate and collaborate in effecting change on the ground in Palestine towards a more just, peaceful, and prosperous future;

7. Participate and provide input on relevant regional and international issues whether such issues are environmental, economical, political, or humanitarian;

8. Engage in dialogue and cooperation with other Palestinian Cause supporters and coordinate our joint efforts, assist them in achieving common objectives and draw on their experiences and wisdom;

9. Engage the media at all levels and to achieve coverage and publicity of our background, objectives, efforts, initiatives, projects and achievements when and wherever the opportunity arises;

10. Expand the Network�s presence internationally via establishing or incorporating branches or organizations in different countries and online.

11. Operate within a flexible framework observing and adhering to the local legal requirements. This includes only peaceful activities proscribed by local and international laws.

12. Reach out to all people including those who hold opposing views in the spirit of respectful exchange of views to arrive at common ground that would help bring peace with justice,

13. Engage with and invite the participation of politicians, celebrities, analysts, journalists, artists, and other public figures to contribute to the Palestinian cause and the objectives of the Network for Justice in Palestine.